One of the Society’s principal activities is to conduct and support research into the history of Ashfield and its surrounding suburbs. The Society regularly publishes members’ research in its Journals (see Journals tab) and in other publications and books.

The Society collects and preserves maps, documents and photographs in its collections for the purposes of maintaining records of our local history and to provide access to others for personal and family interest and education. The ADHS collections are not to be sold or used for commercial purposes and must be accredited to the Society and any known contributor. This applies to members, non-members and professional researchers.

The Society has a vast array of resources that can help you with your research projects. Our greatest resource is our people who can help you navigate through the resources we have in our room at Thirning Villa. These resources are both physical and, increasingly, they are being digitised. You can get an idea of the resources we have here. Our rooms are open on the second and last Saturdays of each month between 11am and 4pm. Weekday visits can be arranged by appointment only.

Research and document reproduction fees

  • Photocopying A4 (black and white only) 50 cents per page
  • Photocopy or scan of original Photographs (black and white only) $2 per photo; Scan of non-original Photograph to USB $10 per photo;
  • Scan of original Photograph to USB $20 per photo; Scan of Document (part or whole) to USB $20 per hour;
  • Microfilm or Microfiche copy of segments 50 cents per page;
  • USB $10;
  • Postage $5 minimum. Australia Post rates apply plus $3 handling.

All fees must be paid in advance. Payments can be made in cash at the rooms or by direct deposit to the bank account in advance BSB 062257 A/c 0090 0855


The Society encourages members to use the facilities and expertise available at the Society’s rooms at Thirning Villa. Members can use these resources free of charge.

Non Members

  • Access to the Society’s resources $20 per hour or part hour.
  • The researcher to provide a copy of their outcomes to the Society.

Professional Researchers: Consultants, Architects, Advisors

  • The professional purpose of the researcher must be clear to the Society.  An understanding of the conditions of providing items from the ADHS collections must be agreed to and the researcher will sign the undertaking.
  • Access to the Society’s resources $30 per hour or part hour
  • The researcher to provide a copy of their outcomes to the Society.

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