One of the Society’s principal activities is to conduct and support research into the history of Ashfield and its surrounding suburbs. The Society publishes members’ research in its Journals (see Journals tab) and numerous other publications and books.

Members of the Society and the wider community are encouraged to use the resources and expertise of the Society by dropping in to our Rooms on our open days. If you have ever wondered about the history of your home or the lives of your ancestors who may have lived in Ashfield and adjacent suburbs, you will enjoy the opportunity to use the Society’s resources to find out more.

The open days at the Rooms attract a wide range of researchers including home-owners, university students, professional consultants, conservationists and those interested in their family trees. Often on these days, an eclectic mix of stimulating personalities with a variety of interests provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about our local history.

Open Days

Our rooms are open on the second Saturday and the last Saturday of each month between 11am and 4pm. Weekday visits can be arranged by appointment only.

Supporting Research


The Society encourages members to use the facilities and expertise available at the Society’s rooms at Thirning Villa. Members can use these resources free of charge.


Non-members can use the facilities and expertise available at the Society’s rooms. Information on charges and conditions can be obtained on request.

Corporations and others

The Society has undertaken research projects and studies for a variety of organisations. We conduct this research for a negotiated fee. Please contact us for more information.